How does it remain? How can I hold it? is a performance that took place on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016, at Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery in Chicago, IL. The performance begins as I meticulously line up objects left behind by my father when he committed suicide on February 15, 2011. To others, the objects may seem meaningless, devoid of the personal context I cannot separate them from. To me, they are the only relics of my father I have left. I ask members of the audience to help me decide which objects to donate, throw away, and keep. As three volunteers work together to divide the objects I read aloud a poem I wrote about the day my father passed and a list of the objects that are being organized. The performance ends when all objects have been placed in separate boxes and are brought to the pedestal that they rest on for the duration of the opening.

How does it remain? How can I hold it? | 2017 | performance | Comments (0)

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